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Honey and Herb Baby Cream

From  $12.20

Ingredients Benefits

Mount Wellington Spring waterleatherwood beeswax and honey certified (BFA), olive oil, cold-pressed almond oil, certified (OPA) sesame/castor/wheatgerm/coconut and carrot oils Hydrating, moisturising.protective, healing and moisturising-all plant oils and ingredients chosen for their soothing moisturising, nourishing, penetrating protective qualities

Marigold flowers infused in certified (BFA) olive oil gentle, yet powerful healing herb, helps to regenerate and soothe skin tissue; reliable, rapid anti-fungal, antiseptic healing qualities for many ailments, including skin blemishes, bedsores, varicose veins and wounds chapped skin, nappy rash, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis

Siam benzoin natural resin Sodium Borate richly aromatic healing resin, antiseptic anti-fungal beneficial for dry skinnatural mineral salt, helps to emulsify oil and water together, antibacterial, antiseptic, used at 0.001 percent, trace amount.Directions for use:For best results use sparingly after the bath on damp skin to seal in the moisture.

Rockin Green Hard Rock Laundry Detergent

Rockin Green Hard Concentrate formula is specially formulated for people with hard water - you know the signs: spots on your glasses; stiff, scratchy clothes; you feel like there's film on you when you get out of the shower...

Our Hard Concentrate formula packs an extra punch to break through hard water to get your clothes clean without leaving any harmful chemicals on you or your clothes. Available in the following Scents:

•Bare Naked Babies / Unscented - extra gentle formula. Plain yes, but that's way we like it uh huh, uh huh. That's the way…

•Lavender Mint Revival - like walking through a field of lavender but with a Mint Julep in your hand

•Mötley Cleän - ocean breezes greet your senses •Smashing Watermelons - juicy, fresh and a little bit sweet with just a touch of tartness

Contains NO: •Enzymes •Phosphates •Optical Brighteners •SLS •Parabens All ingredients are biodegradable - even the packaging is 100% recyclable! Are our scents gentle enoigh for sensitive skin? Of course, all our scents are made from distillations of natural essential oils - never artificial scents. Rockin' Green saves you money. Did you know that ONE BAG can do up to 90 loads?

Tasmanian Goat’s Milk Shampoo


Super creamy and rich,and contains proteins,minerals, amino acids lipids and Vitamin A to nourish the hair and skin.

Size: 125g

Product Description

Why is pure unscented Tasmanian Goats Milk Shampoo so special for dry sensitive scalp, dry hair, and those with eczema, psoriasis?

Cleopatra was the most famous user of milk in her beauty regimen, and it has been used for thousands of years to moisturise the skin and hair …but it does so much more! The Lactic acid contained in Goats milk helps to moisturise ,soften, and cleanse the hair too.

Unscented, with only 5 pure ingredients – other than Fresh Tasmanian Goats milk- Olive Oil, Coconut oil,soy wax, Castor oil, Leather-wood beeswax,it is especially gentle and beneficial for those people ( babies too) with sensitive dry skin eczema, psoriasis,dermatitis and leaves skin and hair feeling soft and moisturised.

We make our Goats milk soap in very small batches at low temperature,to ensure that all the goodness in the milk which is locally produced in the clean verdant pastures of the Huon Valley-is retained to provide a silky creamy lather- it is virtually solid goats milk!

Goat’s milk is super creamy and rich,and contains proteins,minerals,amino acids lipids and Vitamin A to nourish the hair and skin….please note that the bar is slightly softer than our other bars due to the 100% milk content.

Honey Silk Hair Conditioner Bar

Product Description

Australia’s first 100% natural conditioner in a bar!

How to Use Video 

Honey Silk Natural Hair Conditioner Bar – for perfect hair naturally!
Super concentrated (over 130 uses based on short hair washed daily!) gentle,100% natural and long lasting, our unique Solid conditioning Bars give you a no fuss- no waste way to have healthy shiny hair ….without paying for water, plastic bottles going to landfill and choking our oceans, or polluting chemicals in waterways.

Great for daily use on all hair types including fine, chemically treated/coloured/permed hair, with super mild eco/skin friendly ingredients, natural plant derived conditioning agents (no synthetic silicones),luxurious nourishing plant oils and butters, moisturising,protective panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B 5) and herb infusion ( nettle, horsetail ) to promote healthy hair and scalp and moisturise and condition without heaviness/residue.

Moisturising, detangling, rinses out completely, leaving hair very soft and glossy.
Great for travel- can be taken on board as it is not a liquid.
Unscented for those with sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis or allergies.

Use: (typically in the shower): Wash hair as usual with your fave BB Shampoo Bar.
Leave hair wet.
Moisten Conditioner bar with warm water and work between hands.
Massage hands into wet hair working through thoroughly ( or concentrating on dry ends as you wish) adding more conditioner as required until you feel hair is lightly coated with conditioner, and hair feels soft-

DO NOT USE TOO MUCH! Less is DEFINITELY more as this product is super concentrated

Rinse well immediately for light conditioning or leave for a few minutes for deep conditioning.
Style as usual.

All ingredients are natural waxes / oils which harmlessly biodegrade in waterways.


Femme Rock

Cloth menstrual pads never looked so cool! This enzyme based detergent is designed to work on the toughest of stains while keeping your reusable cloth pads looking like new. This 16 oz bag will last you for several cycles, making it a great value! Phosphate Free – Scent Free – SLS Free

Baby Pamper Pack


A sample pack so you and your baby can try each of our Baby Bee products. Also makes a great present for a new baby.  Newly packaged in a natural satchel, Earth friendly!  New picture to follow soon.

Eco-friendly since 1993
Zero-waste, plastic free and 100% natural ingredients and packaging

Mother to be Belly Balm-40ml


Who's it for?

Pregnant women who want to try avoid stretch marks occurring during pregnancy

What is it? The original Belly Balm made since 1993, often imitated but never equalled for quality and efficacy.

A super-rich buttery treat for a mum-to-be to enjoy using whilst literally contemplating her navel, and offers an extraordinarily comforting, relaxing experience, for both mother and partner to participate in.

The ideal present for a pregnant friend.Packed with vitamin-rich nut oils, butters and waxes especially formulated to help lubricate the skin as the tummy expands during pregnancy.

Used regularly May also help prevent stretch marks.Delicately scented with Tasmanian lavender and tangerine essential oils, safe for use during pregnancy.

Ingredients and benefits:

leatherwood beeswax protective, healing and moisturising

Certified Organic ( BFA) Australian olive oil all plant oils chosen for their soothing moisturising, nourishing , penetrating and protective qualities

sesame and sunflower oils; cocoa butter; almond/wheatgerm avocado/macadamia/apricot oils super rich in skin nourishing and healing vitamin A

marigold infused olive and carrot oils super rich and healing for the skin with vitamin A and beta carotene

Tasmanian lavender and tangerine essential oils rich, lush scents - safe during pregnancy

Directions for use:Smooth on frequently, especially after bath or shower. Rich and concentrated, very economical, best used sparingly.Mums report that one jar lasts through a whole pregnancy.

Honey & Herb Baby Botty Butter

From  $11.80

Who's it for?

Every baby- to keep skin soft and protected from nappy rash- feedback tells us that it is great for "dribble rash too"

What is it?

The original Botty Butter first made by us in 1993 - often imitated but never equally for efficacy and value, with thousands of satisfied users Australia wide. An unscented butter formula, rich in organic nut and plant oils and waxes, which melts on contact with baby skin to produce a silky protective barrier against nappy rash. Enriched with healing, soothing Tasmanian calendula infused oil. This butter allows the skin to breathe and heal naturally.

Directions of Use

Smooth on to dry skin after nappy change or bath, working well into skin folds- a little bit goes a long long way.Another BenefitMothers also report great results using this on cracked nipples - chemical free and hence safe for baby to suckle.Guaranteed free from synthetic chemicals/colours.Ingredients and benefits:

Ingredients Benefits

leatherwood beeswax & honey antiseptic ,protective, healing and moisturising

Certified (BFA) Organic Olive oil, castor/wheatgerm/sesame/ coconut carrot oils, cocoa butter leatherwood honey all plant oils chosen for their soothing moisturising, nourishing, penetrating protective qualities- with super rich protective cocoa butter

Marigold infused Certified (BFA) Organic Olive Gentle, yet powerful healing herbs, help to regenerate and soothe skin tissue...reliable, rapid anti-fungal, antiseptic healing qualities for many ailments, including skin blemishes, bedsores, varicose veins and wounds chapped skin, nappy rash, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis

Siam benzoin richly aromatic natural healing resin, antiseptic anti-fungal beneficial for dry skin

Classic Rock

Are you sick and tired of battling with stinky nappies? Try this NEW and improved Classic Rock formula with "ammonia busters!" This is the sound that started it all. Our original formula is great for nappies and regular clothes. So use it on everything! This formula is designed for those with middle of the road water, not too soft and not too hard. When in doubt start with classic rock! This great value bag is enough washing powder for 45 loads in a top loader or 90 loads in a front loader or high efficiency washing machine.

Baby Bee organic Calendula Massage Oil


What is it?

A massage oil with pure botanical ingredients. Enriched with Tasmanian marigold (Calendula officianalis) infused olive oil, this organic blend with 1% dilution of essential oils is safe for baby and provides a great alternative to drying petroleum derived 'baby' ( mineral) oil.Use this oil for that valuable 'bond with baby' massage or to soothe dry skin or cradle cap.Ingredients and benefits:

Ingredients Benefits

certified organic ( BFA) olive oil, Marigold infused Certified organic ( BFA) Olive oil helps to soothe dry skin, but lubricates the skin for healing touch massage to take place

tangerine and lavender essential oils low percentage-safe for baby and very relaxing and soothingDirections for use:

Place a small amount (1/2 teaspoon) in the palm of the hand.

Work hands together to warm the oil.

Apply to baby's skin, working in long smooth strokes always towards the heart to follow natural blood flow.